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Namaste and Welcome to the Passage to Inner Soul  

Master Nirjarra C Dosshi is a founder of a healing company called “AURA CONCEPTS”.

With her intuitive and healing power, she has mastered many ancient and mysterious arts of this universe.

This human body us just a vehicle to aid in reaching higher dimensions of life. Her intuitive powers help in channelizing powerful information and frequencies from Source of the universe.

These powerful energies have guided her to ascend from the realms of Divine healing into occultism and Divination.

Highly spiritual with firm beliefs in Laws of Karmas, her readings impart well-hidden yet niche aspects of one’s karmic pattern of life.  As a result, she bestows impactful and spiritual solutions to your inconveniences in life.

Her ancient awareness with expertise in numerous arts really aids in surfacing your innermost aspect of karmic pattern thus be able to make you completely aware of your soul journey. Her spiritual solutions help soul to be on right track of its journey by breaking the shackles of your karmic patterns.

Aura Concepts, offers many metaphysical products, services and healings which stimulates and awakens Mind Body Spirit and Soul.

Being an analytical ancient soul she has touched lives of thousands of querents and clients through her workshops, TV/Radio Shows. She is the first Angel Reader on Television who gave guidance to her querents by just listening to their voices.

Her ability to connect to her querents by their voices was the reason of her doing many Astra-talk shows on various National and International TV channels/ Radio Channels besides different E print and Media like magazines, Newspapers and Inbound Flight magazines.

She offers her services as charity for Meditation to one and all for free.

Her life goal is to empower to all to bring awareness of their own self-power, to reach higher stages of soul journey in this life cycle.

Due to her accurate stellar services, she has wide list of people from all walks of life including top national and international corporate, Bollywood, MNCs and general public.

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