Nirjarra C Dosshi


Sacred Quantum Metaphysics teaches:

* To have more happiness in your entire life.

* How to improve almost everything in your world

* Easy solutions to rid yourself of guilt and shame.

* Techniques to stop worrying and being afraid.

* Too many insights to list here!

Sacred Quantum Metaphysics will enlighten you to all this, plus you will finally understand how Masters have attained almost supernatural abilities. How? Sacred Quantum Metaphysics combines 24 updated metaphysical principles with 12 new scientific discoveries including Einstein, Quantum Physics, String Theory, Astrophysics, Multidimensional Physics, etc. You will be encouraged to know that these scientific discoveries are very easy to understand once they are connected to these metaphysical principles. Not only will you understand the nuances behind ancient wisdom and scientific discoveries, but you will be given an in-depth plan to create a much better world for yourself and your loved ones.

What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is the study of the “unseen” part of our universe – the spiritual. Physics deals with the touchable and measurable. For example, Metaphysicians have told us for millennia that the vast majority of our universe is not matter and cannot be seen. Astrophysicists recently discovered 96% of the universe is not matter and is unable to be seen – verifying these ancient insights!

Would you like to not only comprehend Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 but also be able to use it to your benefit? You will be glad to know that other recent scientific advances – like quantum theory – are simple to comprehend without the use of formulas and mathematics.

This is just the beginning!

Not only will you be given the science behind these interrelationships, you will be given 19 very concrete steps to put these principles into real-life practice. There are too many problems facing humanity today, mainly because society has ignored ancient wisdom. Now that the new scientific discoveries have verified much of this forgotten knowledge, we can begin to re-create a better society and universe. No longer will we need to wallow in the problems – we can finally embrace the solutions and possibilities!

You are about to embark on perhaps the most fascinating journey of your lifetime. Welcome aboard!